Nettle juice – best remedy for spring allergies!

It may sting, but it’s best remedy for spring allergies! Nettles grow everywhere, and are easy to find. But if you use them as remedy, for tea or juice, it is best to pick them up from clean areas, out of the city.

Remember to always use glowes when picking nettle. Pick the stems with leaves and flowers (the top 12 inches from the top), and use them the same day.

The recipe:

30 nettle tops

2 litres of water

2 lemons

3 oranges

Sugar or honey
Cut in circles the lemons and the oranges, and mix them together with the water and nettle tops. Leave them 24h while stirring them from time to time.


After the 24 hours have elapsed, extrude the nettles, lemons and oranges. Add sugar and stir until it dilutes, and pour the juice in bottles and keep in fridge. Use the juice within 5 days. If you are using honey as a sweetener, add it right before you drink it.

To meet the health benefits of stinging nettle, click here.


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